Gianna Yabut

I've always been an active kid. I did gymnastics, played football, danced, and even tried cheerleading—but, I felt that none of these really fit me. I didn't like performing, nor did I like playing games. What I loved about being involved in all these activities was the conditioning that came with each training session. So in my last year of high school, I joined my first ever fitness class and haven't left the scene since then. 

Most people want to play the game, but I'd rather get stronger and train. My fitspos in life are Krissy Cela, Lucy Davis, and my fellow MCs. In my classes, watch out for trap, EDM, hip hop, and rock music to keep us lit and moving, as we give it our all. 


I live by the saying "high risk, high reward," so when I'm not going all out on teaching, working out, and training, you'll find me just lazing around on a beach, treating myself to some well-deserved R&R.


IG: @giannayab

Upcoming Classes

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